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Services by xFace

Development process

xFace supports the development of embedded systems

xFace offers contracting services for creating sophisticated digital systems.

From ideas to embedded systems

xFace is a technology-oriented development partner to turn innovative product ideas into working embedded systems. xFace helps to clarify the technological approach (specification), to dissect the problem into hardware and software challenges, and to create and integrate these components.

Intellectual property (IP) modules

xFace develops customized digital hardware modules for application in scientific systems, in automotive environments, in communication systems, and medical devices. xFace is specialist for optimizing digital circuits. xFace applies a strict design methodology to guarantee the desired functionality and to assure system constraints like circuit complexity, performance, and low power consumption.

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FPGA prototyping

xFace integrates hardware and software components into FPGA- and microcontroller-based boards. If necessary, xFace designs and manufactures printed circuit boards for demonstration purposes.

Technologies offered

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